Mobile Billboards

Drive your sales through the roof at minimum costs with Shura’s Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards

Shura Advertising’s mobile billboard advertisements take your brand to every neighborhood for maximum market penetration. Mobile billboard advertising in Dubai are the most cost-effective means of advertising. Shura’s OOH billboards advertising on vehicles are high-definition mobile LED truck with advertisements. With these mobile billboards, you can get into your competitors’ home base as well as high-profile locations that have many potential buyers, using Shura Advertising’s outdoor mobile billboard advertising in Dubai, UAE. Mobile advertising help companies cast a wider net and target desired locations.

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LED Screen Trucks

LED Truck advertising also known as LED Trucks in Dubai at Shura Advertising are a mobile way to be interactive. With Dubai LED Screen trucks you can specifically target the market, display creativity, have flexibility as well as create adaptive advertising. LED Screen trucks in Dubai as well as other places in the UAE are the most trending concept of advertising currently.

Promo Trucks

Promo Tucks have the lowest cost-per-impression than any other form of outdoor advertising and can generate about 50,000 daily impressions. Also, Promo Truck allows you to have a flexible advertising creative and it is easy and convenient to manage. Ultimately, Promo Truck advertising in Dubai deliver greater reach at a lesser cost compared to any other form of advertising in the UAE.

Taxi Advertising

Reach the hard-to-reach interiors and busy streets of the city with Shura’s dynamic taxi advertising solutions that will deliver your message with maximum impact. Taxi Advertising does not only offer mobility to your advertising but also enables direct contact with the target.