LED Screen Truck Advertising

Drive your sales through the roof at minimum costs with Shura’s Mobile Billboards

LED Screen Truck Advertising

Shura Advertising is a leading advertising company offering high-end LED screen trucks and LED truck signages in Dubai. We offer exclusive range of fully equipped and technologically advanced LED Truck advertisements in the region.

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LED Screen Truck Advertising Dubai, UAE
Promo Truck Advertising Virgin Mobile Dubai, UAE

Our mobile LED screen trucks and signages are quick to setup and comprehensively self-sufficient which allows extreme flexibility. We cater with various mobile and transit advertising – LED Screen trucks being the best of all! The different styles of mobile LED screens advertisements are also available to suit every brand. Shura Advertising LED Screen trucks are of a higher resolution that no other advertising company in Dubai can offer you! The on-board control systems make it so easy that we can install and setup the LED screen almost instantaneously.

So, display your ads on the fully brandable LED screen trucks for maximum exposure and flexible visibility. Shura Advertising also provides you with graphic designing, content and videos to make your ads appealing on the gigantic LED Screen Trucks in Dubai. To personally checkout our LED Signages and LED Screen trucks in Dubai or to look at our other advertising and marketing option contact Shura Advertising today.